hybrids and synonymy

Robin Panza panzar at CLPGH.ORG
Fri Nov 29 14:52:23 CST 1996

>Nonetheless, I would appreciate hearing from a anyone who has knowledge
>regarding attempts to standardize nomenclature for hybrids.  Those of us

For our database, we have not tried to find a zoological standard regarding
hybrid nomenclature.  What we do for our own purposes is have an entry for
specific epithet _hybrid_ in the genus, such as _Dendroica_hybrid_.  This is
used for all intrageneric hybrids and is associated with a numerical code that
sorts it at the end of the genus.  We list the putative parents in another

For intergeneric hybrids, we (rather arbitrarily, I'm afraid) decide on a
"main" parent genus.  The specimen will be housed next to that genus, and the
genus used in the database has an X after it, such as genus _Vermivora X_ and
"species" _Dendroica_ (our database is all-caps, so the capitalization is
artificial in this message).  This convention allows us to print out "Vermivora
X Dendroica" as the name of the specimen, but will sort out adjacent to
Vermivora, just as the specimen is housed.  It may not be correct by the ICZN
and it certainly is no industry standard, but it allows for efficient storage
and retrieval and for ease of understanding by the data user.

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