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>From:  MX%"djanzen at SAS.UPENN.EDU" 29-NOV-1996 17:05:55.37
>   Not as simple as it might appear.  You, just like a highway patrolman or
>county clerk, are salaried and otherwise supported by the State Budget
>(=taxpayers).  If your job description, formally or informally, assumes
>that you will provide services, including identification services, to the
>requesting taxpayer, then there is a quite complex question of whether and
>how much you could/should be charging.  Effectively, you are in a business

Another problem, not confined to the state-owned institutions, has to do with
whether or not you are doing identifications on "company" time and whether or
not the money is going to you, your department, or the institution.  If your
institution (museum, university, whatever) pays your salary, then can anyone
other than the institution receive the payment, and isn't the rate then up to
the institution?  It seems to me that you need to get a policy statement from
your institution regarding fees for services.

[Still boggled by the 6-figure salary implied by Diane]
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