What are we going to do about Copyright?

Barry Roth barryr at UCMP1.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Nov 1 10:28:30 CST 1996

Further on this topic:  to head off problems of intellectual property
rights, it should only be necessary for a journal to print the following on
the inside cover:

     <Publishing Organization> does not assert International
     Copyright with respect to the names of new taxa contained herein.

A similar version could appear on the flyleaf of books containing new taxon
descriptions.  For journals in which authors retain copyright of published
articles, the stipulation could be modified accordingly, and authors would
have to agree to it in order for the journal to print their paper.

If the climate ever became litigious enough that these steps were necessary,
right-thinking taxonomists _of course_ would only publish in journals
bearing this stipulation.  The rest of 'em would be exposed for the venal
bastards they are! ;-)
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