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Alexey V. Kuprijanov q at SN.PU.RU
Sat Nov 2 12:54:30 CST 1996

*Part One*

Ooh! Yesss!

I have found a nice solution. Names of taxa are born as the extension of
the cathegories of the common language. "Lepidoptera" or "Tinea" are no
more privileged than "the tables" or "the lamps". When an encyclopaedia is
published, what is protected by copyright law: the names of articles
("computer", "mousepad") or its content and design of the book?

Summum jus summa injuria.

*Part Two*

> There fore if I publish catalog of genus in phylogenetical order  you cannot use
> the same order in your catalog of family or you could be in trouble?

an unexpected plague on cladists?

Yours sincerely, Alexey

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