missing algal type material

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Wed Nov 6 11:26:15 CST 1996

Dear Taxo-philes

This request has been sent to algae-l already; I apologise to those
reading it twice.

I am working for my PhD on the harvest biology and taxonomy of the red
algal species complex until recently lumped as Porphyra capensis. As a
part of this study, I made a trip to the Rijksherbarium in Leiden to
examine the type material of Porphyra capensis (Kutzing).

The label from Kutzing's herbarium recorded that the folder on the sheet
contained five specimens. Inside the folder, however, there was only one
plant. This specimen, a dioecious female, was in overall morphology and
shape unlike any of the drawings made by Kutzing that I have seen. The
plant Kutzing depicts as P. capensis in Tabulae Phycologia is distinctly
different, as, apart from overall morphological differences, Kutzing's
drawing depicts what is apparently a male.

It is possible that the other four specimens originally in the folder have
been sent, perhaps as a swop, to another herbarium. However, a search
through the records of the Rijksherbarium revealed no clue as to where
they might have been sent. Hence this message: I am trying to get in touch
with any herbaria that contain specimens of Porphyra capensis from
Kutzing's herbarium (the type material was originally collected by Drege,
as P. vulgaris, from the Cape of Good Hope; the description published in
Kutzing, F.T. 1843. Phycologia generalis. p383).

Thanks in advance

Neil Griffin

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