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     Policy Implications of Technological Protection for Digital Content

                   Berkeley Multimedia & Graphics Seminar

                         Professor Pamela Samuelson
                                School of Law
                                U.C. Berkeley

                              November 13, 1996
                               405 Soda Hall
                              12:30 - 2:00 p.m.


Using technologies to protect copyrighted works in digital form is likely to
mean that content owners will have less need to call upon the law to protect
their "crown jewels." Technology alone, however, may not provide all the
protection that content owners may need, since what one technology can do,
another can undo. New legal rules to regulate technologies capable of
circumventing technological protection have been proposed at national and
international levels. While some regulation of circumvention technologies
may be appropriate, current proposals are ill-defined and overbroad. More
thought should be given to the broader policy implications of these
technologies and proposed regulations to shore up technological fences.

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