ii vs i (yet again)

Tue Nov 12 06:45:48 CST 1996

With all due respect to my distinguished colleagues, I humbly
suggest they reread Recommendation 60C of the ICBN in more detail.
I think I should know about this, having recently resigned a
position because an employer ordered me to deliberately violate
this very same provision. The Recommendation clearly and
unequivocally mandates that the -ii ending be used, with two

1) The person's name ends in a vowel or an -er, in which case
-i is used; or

2) The person was well known by a latinized name, e.g. Linnaeus
or Wislizenus. In this case, the -us is replaced with -i. Hence,
linnaei or wislizeni.

All this assumes of course the honoree is/was a solitary male.

Joseph E. Laferriere
Tucson, Arizona, USA
JosephL at aztec.arizona.edu

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