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ASC Surveys of Research Systematics Collections and Individual Taxonomic
Researchers:  Your Participation is Needed!

The Association of Systematics Collections has developed a Survey of
Research Systematics Collections and Information, the results of which will
be made available to users of systematics resources over the world wide
web.  We hope that your Collection will participate in the survey, so that
information about your Collection and its resources can reach colleagues
worldwide.  Participation in the database will give your institution higher
visibility with government agencies and the public, and may lead to new
opportunities.  It will help ASC document needs and develop policy options
for support of collections by governments and the private sector.

This on-line database is a modern approach to providing the same kind of
data ASC has collected in the past.  In fact, responses to this survey will
eventually become part of a longitudinal series of data.. You may respond
to the survey by contacting ASC for a form, filling it out and mailing or
faxing it back.  Or PREFERABLY, you may go to ASC's web site
(, download the survey, fill it out, and send
it to ASC.

Each administratively-separate collection is to complete the survey and
return it to ASC..  Although ASC's initial distribution of the survey has
focused on North American institutions, ASC is willing to include
information from institutions outside the region.

The collections resources database is one of two that are sponsored by the
Biological Resources Division of the USGS (formerly the National Biological
Service) in cooperation with a group of  6 US federal agencies and the
Smithsonian-NMNH, which compose the Interagency Taxonomic Information
System (ITIS).  Many federal agencies and other resource management
organizations have a strong need for taxonomic information or services that
are scientifically credible and readily accessible.  The Research
Collections and Information Database (RCID) will provide an entry point for
these many users.

The first database, the Taxonomic Resources and Expertise Directory (TRED),
has also been distributed, and the responses are now being entered into the
database.  TRED is designed to contain information about individual
systematists and taxonomists (and their databases) needed by those seeking
taxonomic expertise.  It  will be available for searching on the Internet.
If you have not provided data for the TRED, it is not too late.  Please
call up the ASC web site for information and a copy of the survey.

Send the completed Research Systematics Collections survey and TRED forms

The Association of Systematics Collections                      Fax:  (202) 835-7334
1725 K St. NW Suite 601                                 Phone: (202) 835-9050
Washington, DC 20006-1401                               Email: asc at

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