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Tue Nov 19 07:56:02 CST 1996

     It is a pleasure to announce the start of the second phase of
"An Inter-Institutional Database of Fish Biodiversity" (NEODAT II).
 NEODAT II has two major goals:

   To further the progress of NEODAT in accumulating and distributing
catalogue-based specimen data and associated literature and species
   To create a network-based infrastructure for Neotropical
ichthyology, incorporating advances made in Internet access methods
since the original grant was funded.

The original NEODAT Project, funded by the National Science
Foundation and the Agency for International Development, was the
first large-scale effort to build a centralized multi-institutional
collection catalogue  in ichthyology.  NEODAT improved the
infrastructure for, and facilitated access to, computerized
collections resources with a specific focus in Neotropical

The nearly 300,000 catalogue records from 17 institutions now in
NEODAT represent over 6,000 nominal species from over 74,000
geographic localities.  There are nearly 2,000 references in the
original species description literature database.  In the years
since termination of the original project, museums have continued
to catalogue specimens, and several additional institutions have
offered to share data, so we now have a projected sum of over
450,000 records.

All NEODAT data are online: (
We plan to increase the usefulness of NEODAT II collection data by
further standardization, provision of new links to specimen
descriptions and types,  and online access to rare literature.  We
will build a prototype for online updating of databases managed by
the NEODAT II project, using the WWW as a means for data entry
(and for maintaining data security).

NEODAT II will continue to be an international, multi-institutional
cooperative effort.  All project deliverables will be made available
to the international research community through the Internet,
or other appropriate technologies.

NEODAT II co-sponsors are William L. Fink (University of
Michigan), Julian Humphries (University of Kansas) and Scott Schaefer
(American Museum of Natural History).

Inquiries and correspondence to the NEODAT II project should be
sent to the project manager:

          Tom DiBenedetto                 email: tdib at

          Museum of Zoology             Voice: (313) 647-2192
          University of Michigan           Fax:   (313) 743-4080
          Ann Arbor, MI    48109

Tom DiBenedetto
Fish Division
Museum of Zoology
University of Michigan

Tom DiBenedetto
Fish Division
Museum of Zoology
University of Michigan

Tom DiBenedetto
Fish Division
Museum of Zoology
University of Michigan

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