hybrids and synonymy

Stuart G. Poss sgposs at WHALE.ST.USM.EDU
Tue Nov 26 14:09:17 CST 1996

A look at ICZN Article 1b.3 dealing with the definition and scope of the
code for zoological nomenclature will reveal that hybrids are explicitly

There are a variety of proposed naming conventions, but as far as I am
aware there is no formalization regarding how they are to be used.

Nonetheless, I would appreciate hearing from a anyone who has knowledge
regarding attempts to standardize nomenclature for hybrids.  Those of us
on the  American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Data
Standards Committee are eager to resolve this issue in the context of
collections databases.  Botanists are welcome to comment, as they've
taught us a great deal already!

Dennis Paulson wrote:
> Here's another question about synonymy.  I suspect it's covered in the
> code, but I don't have a copy here.
> If a species is found to be a hybrid, is it then listed as a synonym under
> both parental species?  Or only under the species named first?
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