Evodia or Euodia?

Elaine Chittenden chitt at GNDS.MSU.EDU
Tue Nov 26 15:26:12 CST 1996

The Rutaceous genus Evodia has 2 different spellings and I thought it
quicker and more personable and more fun to inquire on taxacom rather than
let Evodia win just because it is the most used.  I would like to know what
the correct spelling truly is.  Krussman apparently lists Euodia while the
RHS index for Cultivated Plants used here complicates matters by refering
all Evodia to Tetradium (as Mabberley does also).  I'd like to use Evodia
with some rational provided by those who care.

I would be most appreciative to hear from the Rutaceae folks and others
interested which one they think I should choose as the correct spelling.

Thank you,  Elaine
Elaine Chittenden        Email:chitt at gnds.msu.edu
Collections Manager, W. J. Beal Botanical Garden
Grounds Maintenance, Michigan State University

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