reasonable consulting fees

Sat Nov 30 06:50:11 CST 1996

Concerning Diane Horton's inquiry concerning reasonable fees
for identifying specimens, I have two comments:

1) The people doing the study should have enquired about
appropriate fees before submitting the grant rather than trying
to squeeze the money out of a grant already obtained.

2) It would in my experience be unusual for someone to be
offered a coauthorship for identifying specimens. An acknowledgment
would be more usual. A few years ago, I did a floristic study
of a small valley in the mountains of northern Mexico. This was
extremely difficult in view of the fact that no flora of the
Sierra Madre Oriental had ever been written. If every
taxonomic expert I consulted had been included as a coauthor,
I would have had 98 such coauthors (no exaggeration!!).

Joseph E. Laferriere
Tucson, Arizona, USA
JosephL at

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