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Werner Haberl shrewbib at SOREX.VIENNA.AT
Sat Nov 30 21:16:22 CST 1996

Dear colleagues etc,

Since my Site was recently (favourably) reviewed by "inScight" (Sience
Magazine & Academic Press Inc."
(!11261996/graphb.htm), stating
something like "...the site might propel the lowly shrew to the kind of
poster-animal fame of whales and panda bears..."
(I never thought about this, actually)

*...I would like to ask the members of this news- / discussion group:

Does anyone have pictures of shrews (Soricidae, Insectivora, Mammalia),
that I could use on my web-site? (Live shrews, dead shrews, photos,
illustrations and even cartoons..). (Poems?). (Copyright, of course, stayes
with you).

- Please contact me, without bothering the newsgroup!

Thank you in advance,


Dr. Werner Haberl
Hamburgerstr. 11
A-1050 Vienna, Austria
Email: shrewbib at
URL:   (The Shrew (ist's) Site)

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