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Thomas Pape wrote:

>   What a pity that the discussion of methodology so often fails to keep the
>   methodology per se separate from the personal use of it.

There is no methodology-per-se in this world. It may exist in some way
on the pages of the scientific books and journals, but the human knowledge
is fundamentally personal one (IMHO).

>   the great benefits of "the highly formal cladistic analysis": it is
>   explicitly testable. For this reason carelessness may perhaps be more
>   apparent when it occurs, but I strongly doubt that 'Linnaean' or
>   non-cladistic systematics is less burdened by carelessness than is
>   'phylogenetic' or cladistic systematics.
>   Thomas Pape

I agree. I attacked "cladists" for the following reason only: they dominate
in the taxonomic community today (like communists in Russia yesterday).
And the more recent careless papers are produced under the cladistic shell.

I appreciate the role of cladists in the history of taxonomy. I really
enjoyed Hennig's, Eldredge-&-Cracraft's, Nelson's, Wiley's books and numerous
papers. They did very much to disturb the sleeping empire of the so-called
evolutionary taxonomists. They did more than the numerical taxonomists had
done before them. But the time of changes has gone. What is going on now, when
they get power?

Knowledge is Power, Science is Policy.

Yours sincerely, Alexey

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