Current discussion

Rodham E. Tulloss ret at PLUTO.NJCC.COM
Sat Oct 19 21:04:39 CDT 1996

The subject being grappled with is fascinating.  As the emails get shorter
and closer together, the light being shed gets less.  This is the problem
with email.  There is little or no revision process (usually), and there
is no way for a frustrated (but very interested) third party to slow
things down, get all the terms (that everybody thinks are common and not
in need of definition) defined carefully, and walk through the logic of
the topic.  The current discussion is at the point where things seem simple
and obvious to some of the major participants.  It would be a real benefit
to many others if there was some breather time followed by carefully written
statements of position...not aimed at the end point of the discussion (the
final coup de grace), but at the building blocks.  Suppose the folks who
have gotten hottest on the topic were somehow assigned to write a paper
together on the subject of a tutorial nature and had to walk through the
subject for the benefit of those traditional species-level folks who have
been despaired over as a dying breed.  It would be educational for many
to watch such an assignment run to completion over email.

R. E. Tulloss

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