Wetlands in Botanic Gardens

Helen Nair (Sains) helen at CC.UM.EDU.MY
Mon Oct 21 08:35:15 CDT 1996

> Dear Friends of the Department of Botany University of Malaya,
> Thank you most sincerely for the prompt reply to Bien Tan's message to
> you regarding the following query I made last week to him
>  "Can you give me an idea whether there are any wetland gardens around the
>  world which are available for the public to visit?"
>  I have lots of very useful information and we should be able to follow
> through on it. I shall contact you if I need any further
> info/clarification. Meanwhile those who have also included their address
> will soon receive in the mail the inaugural copy of the department's
> newsletter "Botani Rimba Ilmu Newsletter" (Volume 1 October 1996).
> Thanks again     Bye..................Helen

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