alpha taxonomy

Mon Oct 21 15:28:08 CDT 1996

  Speaking as a graduate student using plant anatomy to look at evolution
within tribes in Polygonaceae as well as training in field taxonomy I find the
prospect of finding a job much less a post doc to rather daunting.
 I may never get the job that allows me to apply for grant money as university
 after university, museum after museum advertise solely for molecular people.
 why should any student feel the desire to be unemployed the  rest of their
 life.  The need for to reenhance the view of alpha taxonomy needs to first
 come from within the scientific community with leadership from the heads of
 departments (seriously).
                 Ethan Freid
                 Graduate Student
                 Plant Anatomy/Bahamian Field Botany
                 Miami University
                 Oxford, Ohio 45056

                 Freide at

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