what are we going to do

robert fogel rfogel at UMICH.EDU
Tue Oct 22 13:03:24 CDT 1996

Making data available on WWW is great and I am doing my best to make data
available, BUT under VCM someone will have to pay for databasing and
constructing web pages as it is a service or product.  We will probably be
faced with the hard choice between curating specimens and making data
available in allocating the general budget.

> Hugh D. Wilson wrote:
> I think the systematic community would be well served if it followed
> the lead provided by NSF (which seems to be providing *all* leads)
> and work to open the data resource for general (open/free) use.  If
> this is done in such a way that the resource can be used by both the
> scientific community and the general public (mostly *not* taxonomists
> and mostly *not* concerned with tropical biotas), then efforts by
> taxonomists to enhance/expand the enterprise might find more - at
> least broader - support.

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