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Hugh D. Wilson wilson at BIO.TAMU.EDU
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Seems that we (USA) *are* playing politics via the ASC and - judging from
grim comments here - the ASC is either not doing a good job as a rep
in Washington for the systematics community or - perhaps - doing a
good job but only for a *segment* of the systematics community.

> > Secondly support ASC in its endeavors to better sustain museums and taxonomy.
>    The latest issue of the ASC Newsletter ((24(5), Oct. 1996) just
> arrived.  Included is the text of a White Paper by Elaine Hoagland in
> response to the SBSTTA.  This is a fine response that all should read.
>      Particular attention should be given to our (systematics community)
> dismal failures to play politics in public and recognize the market value of our
> services.  In other words, we probably need to hire advertisers, marketing
> managers, and lobbiests, as well as demand service fees.  At least in
> the U.S., we do consider ourselves professionals (and are innately more
> valuable than lawyers!).  As evidenced by current administrative
> action in Minnesota and Michigan regarding collections support, our
> individual and collective presence is sorely undervalued.
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