Carpe diem !

Wed Oct 23 10:06:39 CDT 1996

The current and recurrent issue of a future for taxonomy is rather a
concern about jobs for taxonomists in a world where money and
resources become more and more limited.  Much peoples are in that

We all know that, inevitably (I mean, whatever we do), taxonomy is
there to stay, even under a different appearance of what we are
accustomed to.  This is certainly our concern (e.g., what will we do to
correct the historical aberration of multiple systems of classification
to deal with the living world ?), but our followers (wiser and more modern
than us, of course !) will make their own decisions.

We have been so often told that the so-called classical taxonomy is
out-moded that we effectively put it aside.  But by doing that, we
lost, I think, a great part of the unifying power of taxonomy.
The lenght of generation is a big factor influencing the speed of
change in ideas.  So, the present situtation is not likely
to improve before most of us retired.  Later, at an imprevisible moment,
there will be a new current leading to a Renaissance in taxonomy.
Peoples in these times probably will think of us the same way we
think of those of the Middle Ages.

Martin Dube, from the border of taxonomic world.

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