What are we going to do about this ?

Fri Oct 25 11:46:45 CDT 1996

I am sorry, but I don't believe that PR, amateurs, lobbying, identification
fees and selling chocolate bars from door to door will help to
develop taxonomic expertise.  Fortunately, the deadly attrition is
not striking all of us at the same degree.  I even suspect that this
has passed completely unnoticed by some.  But this does not change
the global picture.
The idea of an other international organization is not appealing to
me.  After all, there are enough administrators at the present time
without adding more.
May I suggest that prominent research centers in the world could
play an important role in the revitalization of taxonomic activities.
I certainly do not mean that it is not the case but, can we imagine
something even more fruitful for everybody ?  If we can not help us
ourselves, we should not wait for such help from outside.


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