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John C. Kingston kingston at USGS.GOV
Mon Oct 28 08:29:08 CST 1996

The Ecological Society of America has a certification procedure for
ecologists, which is peer-reviewed and ties applicants to an ethics code.
There are three levels of expertise recognized, and the applicant is judged
on his/her application materials (cv) and recommendation letters from
members of ESA. A committee reviews the applications, and accepts or
rejects the applications. Once accepted, certified ecologists in good
standing have status for five years, renewable by reapplication.

I became aware of this certification system before it was in place through
John Cairns (VPI). John was very tired of coming up against Professional
Engineers in environmental litigation, and not being able to say that
ecology had a professional certification system to match that of engineers.

Such a system for taxonomy could be based on the ESA example.

John C. Kingston
Certified Senior Ecologist, Ecological Society of America
Taxonomist, interested in certification
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