the taxonomic impediment

Dennis Paulson dpaulson at MAIL.UPS.EDU
Tue Oct 29 16:00:48 CST 1996

Any of you on this list who aren't members of the Association for
Systematics Collections should try to get a copy of the latest newsletter
(Oct. 1996).  In it there is an article by Elaine Hoagland on "The
Taxonomic Impediment and the Convention on Biodiversity."  She speaks very
clearly about what we've been discussing for the past few weeks about the
undervaluation of taxonomy and outlines broad solutions to improve our lot.
Now the thing is to keep up the pressure to institute some of these

Interestingly, the same issue also contains an article by Lynn Kimsey on
"The Issue of Rates and Fees for Systematic Services."  This too is germane
to our recent discussions.

I don't know if the ASC Newsletter is on line or not.  If not, perhaps the
ASC could post these articles on Taxacom.  The ASC's web site is

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