ASC WWW and Newsletter

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Oct 29 17:36:57 CST 1996

Dennis P points us to a couple of ASC Newsletter articles pertinent
to the current discussion about professionalism, and to the ASC www server.

An opinion: The ASC Newsletter (at least key articles) should be put
online. It should not be left as a publication forever for ASC members
and newsletter subscribers. Is it online somewhere?

Another opinion:
The ASC www site was "enhanced" for use with browsers that use frames,
tables and JAVA. It should be "enhanced" to be useful to all comers,
including those who don't have browsers with the latest complement of
features. Can ASC reverse-engineer some of the enhancements, or at
least install a complementary simple text version?

Peter R.

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