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Andrew Whittington aew at NMS.AC.UK
Thu Oct 31 09:14:17 CST 1996

Dear Doug and fellow readers

I've thought about this long and hard - and haven't really gone
anywhere!  I guess on the whole I have to agree with Doug's arguement and
hope like blazes that oneday it gets off the ground and that it works.  I
like theidea, but have reservations about where the money will come
from.  This is a design issue, which I really know nothing about, thus I
cannot debate with you on it.

Are we talking internation or USA?  Whose going to get it off the
ground?  Are you aware of organisations like FRD in South Africa that
already provides support finance for Research scientists?  Their
assessment criteria are a thorny issue to some, but suit others well
(taxonomists have traditionally been under-rated in this system too, but
I believe there are attempts to rectify this). Maybe somebody in
Australia can tell us how CSIRO provides funding.

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