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Konstantin Savov kps at FLORIN.MSK.SU
Thu Oct 31 17:17:31 CST 1996

On Aug 30, 14:27, Hugo Martinez Paz wrote:

k> You can find SMASCH (Free) one of the most beter data base system in:

I've seen the following on the SMASH Web page:

        To undertake the implementation of the SMASCH database and
        data entry software, you must have access to a Sybase server
        (version 4.x or System 10) running on a Sun workstation or
        server running Sun OS 4.1.x or Solaris 2.5 and X, version 11
        release 6.

Looks interesting...
If you have both Sun workstation and Sybase :-)
BTW, personal FLORIN (not free) version with Informix included will be
much cheaper.



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