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Thu Oct 31 16:21:13 CST 1996

After some delays in publication in the last few years, the journal ANNALES
ZOOLOGICI is resuming regular publication.

Annales Zoologici is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to all
aspects of systematic zoology.  It is published by the Museum and Institute
of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Beginning in January, 1997, it will
be published quarterly (4 issues a year), though numbers may be combined
from time to time.

The recently-published volume 46, nos. 1-2 contains:
   A. Wiktor.  The slugs of the former Yugoslavia (Gastropoda
     terrestria nuda - Arionidae, Milacidae, Limacidae,
     Agriolimacidae). 1-110.
   A. V. Korniushin.  Growth and development of the outer
     demibranch in freshwater clams (Mollusca, Bivalvia): a
     comparative study. 111-124.
   W. Czechowski and P. Douwes.  Morphometric characteristics of
     Formica polyctena Foerst. and Formica rufa L. (Hymenoptera,
     Formicidae) from the Gorce Mts.: interspecific and
     intraspecific variations.  125-141.

Languages of publication are English (strongly preferred), French, or
German. Authors whose mother tongue is not the language of the submitted
paper are strongly advised to have the manuscript reviewed linguistically
before submitting it.

Publication costs and offprints.
Authors who have institutional or grant support are expected to pay page
charges of US$ 20.00 ($40.00 for a page with half tone illustrations).
Authors who are unable to pay page charges (or are only able to make partial
payment) may ask for a waiver when submitting manuscripts.  Authors receive
50 free offprints; additional offprints may be ordered (at extra cost) at
the proof stage.

Please distribute this notice freely (to other relevant discussion lists,
etc.). For further information, including complete instructions for authors,
please contact

  Dr. S. Adam Slipinski    <adamsli at>
  Museum & Institute of Zoology, PAS
  ul. Wilcza 64
  00-679 Warszawa - Poland
  Tel: +(48 2) 628-73-04
  Fax: +(48 2) 629-63-02

In addition to the regular Annales Zoologici, a supplement called Bulletin
of the Museum and Institute of Zoology with reports, historical articles,
collection and type holdings will appear from time to time; these issues
will cover mostly the MIIZ. The issue now in press contains a brief history
of the Institution; history of collections and exhibitions related to a
South American one that opened a year ago; and 10 articles including lists
of type specimens of various groups in our collection. This volume should be
out in early December.

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