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James Lyons-Weiler weiler at ERS.UNR.EDU
Tue Oct 1 16:54:46 CDT 1996

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Date of Upgrade: October 1, 1996

*********************** Announcing RASA 2.0 *************************

        Software for the Mac that will perform "Relative Apparent
        Synapomorphy Analysis" (RASA) has been updated and is freely
        available at the address below.  RASA is a statistical test
        for the presence of phylogenetic signal (a.k.a. cladistic
        hierarchy) in _any_ type of discrete character data matrix

        RASA belongs to the family  of inferential statistics, which
        focuses on hypothesis testing.  Functionally, the test compares
        the observed and null rates of increase in cladistic similarity
        among pairs of taxa predicted by an increase in the phenetic
        similarity among taxon pairs.  The test statistic follows
        Student's t distribution (cf., a t-test).

The software (updated from 1.1.1 to 2.0) is now available FREE
at the following URL as a binhexed self-extracting archive:

and by anonymous ftp at (pub) (rasa)

There you'll find rasa.sea, which contains the following:

                RASA 2.0        <-- Reads a data file, measures signal,
                                    reports the result in tabular form,
                                    AND allows you to plot and explore
                                    the RASA regression. RASA 2.0 replaces
                                    RASA 1.1.1 and RASA Plot 1.1.1.

           <-- A sample data file with signal.

              README-2.0        <-- A file with FAQs, bugs, etc.

             SoftwareFPU        <-- Allows FPU machines to run
                                    RASA 2.0.

              PLUS LINKS to other Phylogenetic Information on the Web.

**** CHANGES IN 2.0 ****

        RASA 2.0 is much more sophisticated and user friendly than 1.1.1:

                User interface
                        Menu-driven analyses
                        Menu-driven graphics
                        Identify specific taxa in the RASA regression
                        (RASA Plot is now incorporated into 2.0)

                Data entry
                        No more COMMAS between characters!
                        See new sample data file for data entry format

                Data analysis
                        Multiple outgroups can be defined.

                Planned Upgrades
                        Printing capability will be added.

                        Including/Excluding Taxa will be added.

                        New analytical tools for phylogenetic data
                        exploration based on the RASA test will be
                        implemented _after_ they have survived peer

                        RASA 2.0 will be upgraded after each analysis is
                        implemented. Check for upgrades monthly.

The reference for the algorithm and detailed justification and discussion
of limitations of the approach can be found in:

        Lyons-Weiler, J., G.A. Hoelzer, and R.J. Tausch. 1996. Relative
        Apparent Synapomorphy Analysis (RASA) I: the statistical
        measurement of phylogenetic signal.  Molecular Biology and
        Evolution 13:749-757.

Send questions off the list; FAQs will be included in the README file as
they arrive.

To add your name to the RASA mailing list, or if you have questions, send
an email with your postal to

weiler at

James Lyons-Weiler

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