Thu Oct 3 09:55:40 CDT 1996

I thank the 23 people who sent messages of sympathy concerning
my resignation. I also promise that this will be my last posting
on the subject.
   As you remember, several weeks ago I requested help from
Taxacomers  concerning the ii/i issue. I received over 20 responses,
all of which I forwarded to him unedited. I learned Sunday, after
I had already resigned, that he was telling people that 50% of
the responses were in his favor. Thus, in addition to being a
"semiimbecil que no sabe leer" he is also a liar.
    Please note that I have deliberately avoided identifying
this individual from the start. This has been a very trying
ordeal, but I have attempted to keep some semblance of professionality.
Indeed, it was his lack of professionalism which was the source
of the whole problem
   I am using a free, public-access e-mail system unconnected to
my former job. Hence, to the six or seven people who said they
hoped I could continue to participate in Taxacom, the answer
is yes.
   If anyone knows of any job openings appropriate for someone
with a PhD in biology and considerable experience with ethnobotany,
herbarium work, and database management, my accountant and I
would be very grateful.


Joe Laferriere

"There are two secrets to success. The first is not telling
everything you know."

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere

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