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"Atomising" in the sense of continued exploration and description of taxa
seems to be necessary if we consider what effects future discoveries of
new taxa will have. For example terminal taxa are accepted as being
correctly circumscribed in phylogenies, but new taxa may change these
ideas. In addition any new weird and wonderful primitive taxa may change
our outgroups we use, how many Wollemi pines are still waiting to be
discovered?. Admittedly so much is already known, and so much work is
being done, that these points are not worth considering and will probably
fall by the wayside. But in the future, when we (hypothetically?) discover
the PCR reaction causes random deletion events and some of the terminal
taxa need to be recollected, how do we repeat these phylogenetic
reconstruction experiments when there is parking lot instead of a forest?
I suppose that is what herbaria and seedbanks are for.


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