Floristic Checklist for Jalisco nad Colima, Mex.

Vazquez Garcia jvazquez at MAIZ.CUCBA.UDG.MX
Wed Oct 23 15:30:19 CDT 1996

Dear Taxacomers:
        We in the Instituto de Botanica, Universidad de Guadalajara, are
working on a preliminary floristic checklist of the vascular flora for
the Mexican states of Jalisco and Colima.
        We are aware that only with collaboration of national and
international taxonomists will we be able to produce a reliable
inventory. Thus, your input could be of great help.
        We would provide a first draft, based on herbarium specimens,
literature and available databases following the example that, with your
help, we employed in compiling the publication "FLORA DE MANANTLAN" in
which ca. 40% of the Jaliscan flora is represented. Again, collaborators
would receive full credit as authors of their specific groups in the
resulting publication, expected for early 1988.
        If you specialize in a group of vascular plants and wish to
collaborate in this task, please inform us by fax: (3) 682 0003
(Guadalajara, mex.) or by an e-mail message to jvazquez at
        Please state your interest in helping puting toguether such a
checklist and let us know preferably by October 30th.
        Thank's in advance for your interest.
                                              Pon tu granito de arena!

Antonio Vazquez

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