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Fri Oct 25 16:38:25 CDT 1996

> >4.  Come on guys (a genderless word in this context). We can do it.  C.P.
> >Alexander averaged one new species (of crane fly) a day for a long
> >time (so the legend goes).
> >
> Ever try to identify one of Alexander's species using only his original
> works??? I prefer to try to do it right the first time even if it means
> that I don't get too many species described! - Barry

I sympathise with Barry O'Connor - and couldn't agree more on the
desirability of giving original descriptions that are clear and
informative, and accompanied by suitable figures, etc. C. P. A.
was a nice bloke, and a giant in his field, but the proportion of
his species now recognisable is well below Tom Pape's figure for
those still considered valid

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