The Naturalist's Spirit

Maryanne Humphreys mhumphreys at MGDESTMX01.ERIN.GOV.AU
Mon Oct 28 21:00:29 CST 1996

just finished 'Stickeen' by John Muir, that was good.
Subject: The Naturalist's Spirit
From:    Peter Rauch <anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU> at mgdestmx01
Date:    28/10/96  10:54 AM

All the discussion about the plight of taxonomy, systematics, and
what many naturalists face is refreshing.

The holiday season is upon us, so if you want to give yourself a real
lift, or lift the spirits of some friends, give them one (or more!) of
these books. They're full of fun and energy and competence and power
and images and visions and nostalgia that is bound to move you and
them, and they're all about what systematists and kindred souls do.


Wilson, Edward O. "Naturalist". Warner Books 1995, xii+380pp.
     originally published 1994 Island Press.

Carr, Majorie H., Ed. "A Naturalist in Florida / A Celebration of Eden /
     Archie Carr".  xxiii+264pp. 1994 Yale U.

Weiner, Jonathan. "The Beak of the Finch". Vintage Books (Random House) 1995,
     xvi+332pp.  originally published 1994 Knopf.

Heinrich, Bernd. "One Man's Owl". x+224pp. 1987 Princeton U.

Heinrich, Bernd. "A Year in the Maine Woods". 259pp. 1994 Addison-Wesley.

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