license the inventoriers

Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Mon Oct 28 12:54:39 CST 1996

With certification comes regulation.  If you want to be recognized as
being competent by others in the professional fields (vs the academic
fields), you must do good work.

In a tight money market, there will be many snake oil experts trying to
make a few bucks by any means.  Law, engineering and medicine are rather
restricted discliplines compared to biology.  And, many engineers pass
themselves off as "environmental engineers".

As I think I have said before on Taxacom, I am always impressed with how
engineers provide a united front on a subject, but, if there are 10
biologists, there are 10 fronts.  Engineers do not have to divide and
conquor us - we do it to ourselves.  I do not know if biology attracts
mavericks, or whether the nature of the training and education produces

Robin Leech

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