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Dear Taxacom Users:

I am seeking input from any interested and knowledgeable people  about
Lupinus  names in use in North America.  I am in the process researching for
the treatment of the perennial Lupinus for the Flora of North America. I
wrote the treatment for the Jepson manual of California perennial Lupinus so
fortunately I  have experience with over 60% of the taxa. Tropicos list
about 529 taxa (taxa used in past and current floras). I am currently
juggling about 111taxa. I have a lot of work to do with analysis of
circumscription problems (1100 basionyms out there).

Below is a  very preliminary list of taxa. I have followed the synonomy  of
Barneby for the Intermountain Region and my own treatment in Jepson.

I have a lot of field work to do , especially this spring  while I am on
sabbatical.  Are there any comments on what's not there, or what's there??

Please respond to tsholars at


Teresa Sholars

Preliminary list of Perennial Lupinus of North America            Teresa Sholars

October  18,1996

1.  L. adsurgens E. Drew

2.  L. albicaules Douglas ex Hooker

3  L. albifrons Bentham
        1.var. abramsii (C.P. Smith) Hoover
        2.var. albifrons
        3.var. collinus  Greene
        4.var. douglasii(Agardh) C.P. Smith

4. L alpicola Henderson ex Piper ? see pg. 310 Hitch, latifolius or sericeus?

5.  L. andersonii S. Watson

6.  L. angustiflorus Eastwood

7.  L. antoninus  Eastwood

8.  L. apertus Heller

9.  L. arboreus Sims

10  L. arbustus Douglas ex Lindley

11. L. arcticus Watson
        (= L. latifolius var. subalpinus (Piper & Robins) C.P. Smith sensu
Hitchcock       1961. sensu Dunn part of perennis

12.  L. argenteus Pursh
        5.var. argophyllus (A. Gray) Barneby
        6.var. argentatas (Rydberg)  Barneby
        7.var. argenteus
        8.var. fulvomaculatus (Payson)Barneby
      9.var. heteranthus (S. Watson) Barneby
        10.var. hilli (Greene) Barneby
        11.var. holosericeus (Nuptial . ex Torrey. & Gray) Barneby
      12.var. meionanthus ( A. Gray) Barneby
      13.var. montigenus  (Heller) Barneby
      14.var. palmeri (S. Watson) Barneby
        15.var. parviflorus (Nuttal ex Hooker & Arn) Hitchcock
      16.var. rubricaulis (Greene) Welsh
        17.var. moabensis Welsh
        18.var. utahensis(S. Watson) Barneby

13.  L. aridorum McFarlin ex Beckner

L.  biddlei Henderson (in Abrams calcarati, K&K = L. oreganus var. oreganus)
=L. polyphyllus  var. prunophilus sensu Barneby)

14.  L. breweri Gray
        19.var. breweri
        20.var. bryoides C.P. Smith
        21.var. grandiflorus C. P. smith

15.  L. cervinus Kellogg

16  L. chamissonis Eschscholzia.

17.  L. constancei T. N. and J.P. Nelson

L. corymbosus Heller  (in Abram's calcarati) (= argenteus var. argenteus)

18.  L. covelli Greene

19.  L. croceus Eastwood.

20.  L. dalesae Eastwood

21. L. diffusus Nutt

22.  L. duranii Eastwood

23.  L. elatus  I.M. Johnston

24.  L. elmeri Greene

25.  L. excubitus M.E. Jones
        22.var. austromontanus (Heller) C.P. Smith
        23.var. excubitus
        24.var. hallii (Abrams) C. P. Smith
      25.var. johnstonii C.P. Smith
        26.var. medius(Jepson)Munz

26.  L. formosus Greene
     27.var. formosus
     28.var. robustus C.P.Smith

27.  L. fulcratus Greene

28.  L. gracilentus Greene

29.  L. grayi S. Watson

30.  L. holmgrenanus C.P. Smith
        (= L. polyphyllus var. humicola)

31.  L. hyacinthinus Greene

32. L. kiskensis C.P. Smith ????
        (= L. nootkaaensis Dunn)  ???

33.  L. lapidicola Heller

34.  L. latifolius Heller
     29.var. barbatus (Henderson) Munz
     30.var. columbianus (Heller) C.P. Smith
     31.var. dudleyi Rydhberg  C.P Smith
     32.var. latifolius
     33.var. parishii C.P. Smith
     34.var. viridifolius(Heller) C.P. Smith

35.  L. lepidus Doug ex Lindley
        35.var. aridus (Douglas) Jepson
        36.var. confertus (Kellogg) C.P. Smith
        37.var. culbertsonii Greene
        38.var. cusickii (S. Watson) Hitch
        39.var. lobbii (A. Gray ex S. Watson) C.L. Hitch
        40.var. ramosus Jepson
        41.var. sellulus (Kellogg) Barneby
        42.var. utahensis (S. Watson) C.L. Hitch

36.  L. leucophyllus Douglas ex Lindley

37. L leucopsis Agardh ?
        (L. sericeus var. sericeus)

38.  L. littoralis Douglas.

39.  L. longifolius (S. Watson) Abrams

40.  L. ludovicianus Greene

41.  L. magnificus M.E. Jones

42.  L. mucronulatus Howell ?? in Abrams part of Calcarati but because of
glabrous         leaves and long petioles might be in polyphyllus.

43.  L. nevadensis Heller

44.  L. nootkatensis Donn ex Sims need information, protologue , Alaska

45.  L. obtusilobus Heller

46. L. ornatus Douglas ex Lindley (in Abrams)

47.  L. onustus Watson

48. L. oreganus Heller (in Abrams calcarati)

49.  L. padre-crowleyi C.P. Smith

50.  L. peirsonii Mason

51. L. perennis Linnaeus

52. L. plattensis S. Watson

53.  L. polyphyllus Lindley
        43.var. ammophilus (Greene)Barneby
        44.var. burkei (Watson) Hitchcock
        45.var. humicola (A. Nelson)Barneby
        46.var. pallidipes (Heller) Smith
        47.var. polyphyllus
        48.var. prunophilus (M.E. Jones) L. Phillips
        49.var. saxosus (Howell)Barneby
        (=subsericeus sensu Barneby)

54.  L. pratensis Heller
        50.var. eriostachyus Smith
        51.var. pratensis

55.  L. rivularis Lindley

56.  L. sabinii Doug ex Hook  (in Abrams Sericeus, in Hitchcock)(L. sericeus
ssp.    sabinii Phillips)

57.  L. saxosus T.J. Howell

58. L. sericatus Kellogg

59. L.sericeus Pursh

60. L. suksdorfii Robinson

61. L. sulphureus Douglas ex Hooker (In Abrams calcarati, Hitchcock too)

62. L. tegeticulatus Eastwood (Barneby lumped breweri and duranii here)

63.  L. tidestromii Greene

64.  L. tracyi Eastwood which complex?

65.  L. variicolor Steudel

66. L. villosa Willdenow

67. L. volcanicus Greene
     (sensu hitch L/ latifolius var. subalpinus)

68.  L. westianus Small
        52.var. aridorum (McFarlin) ex Beckner
        53.var. westianus


68 species  19 new
53 varieties  8

111 taxa

Annuals via Riggins treatment
26 total  (3 non Ca)
Teresa Sholars            email  tsholars at
Dept. of Biology
College of the Redwoods
1211 Del Mar Dr.
Fort Bragg, Ca 95437

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