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Jim Diederich dieder at MATH.UCDAVIS.EDU
Wed Oct 30 13:30:02 CST 1996

Over the past few years there have been articles on copyrights
in the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery
by Pamela Samuelson at the U. of Pittsburgh School of Law.
These were often quite
detailed discussions of copyright law as it applies to various areas of
the computer industry including software, databases, hardware, etc.
I think you will find that they apply in other areas as well.

My sense is that facts are not copyright protected, but their
organization is. Thus an article can be protected, but the facts
in the article cannot.  So you can't xerox and sell the article,
but you can extract the facts and organize them for your use
including commercial use.

The Communications is sent to all members of the ACM so it is
readily available and not hard to find.

I hope this helps.


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> Dear taxonomers
> I  would like to know whether or not  Copyright law can by applied in the case
> of descriptions of new species or new names in taxonomical and systematical
> works.
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