Sequencing of RPB II

Magnus Popp at MATNAT.STUD.GU.SE
Wed Oct 9 16:18:00 CDT 1996

Dear Taxacomers.

Is there anyone who knows about sequencing of the second largest subunit of
RNA-polymerase II in plants? I=B4ve seen the DNA-sequences from Arabidopsis
(Larkin & Guilfoyle 1993) and tomato (Warrilow & Symons 1996), but would
like to know if similar studies have been made with other species. My
mainconcern is whether the position and size of the large (776 bp) intron
in Arabidopsis are conserved or not.

Since I=B4m brandnew to both Taxacom and sequencing, I hope I=B4m in the rig=

Magnus Popp at

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