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Servando Carvajal scarvaja at FOREIGNER.CLASS.UDG.MX
Tue Oct 8 20:30:17 CDT 1996

Dear Taxacomers:


        The physical building structure of the Herbarium of University of
Guadalajara (IBUG),
which has about 150,000 vascular plant specimens, is seriously weakened for
the second time,
perhaps due to frequent seismic activities, bad construction design, and
complicated by water
leaks of this heavy rainy summer season. The personnel and most cabinets
were evacuated this
August of 1996 and relocated in other buildings on campus.  About eighteen
taxonomists are
now temporarily working in separate areas.
        We are asking for your help, since funds for construction of working
facilities are not
offered by CONABIO, the Mexican national board for biodiversity (Dr. Jorge
Llorente Bousquets
pers. comm.). The University of Guadalajara is right now of little help,
since they always have
other priorities for their small budget, and even if they eventually act, it
may be too late for
collections to be kept in good condition.  In addition, this major Mexican
herbarium, in its 35
years of existence, has never had a stipend allotted for its maintenance of
the collection. Thus,
now that collections and researchers are dispersed we are facing a botanical
Furthermore, several taxonomists are risking their lives by staying in the
weakened building
where some of the collections they study still remain.
        Your financial contribution can be of great help now, in order to erect a
strong and
functionally adequate herbarium building through the peso to peso program
offered by our
University. Your cooperation might also prompt our University to act
immediately. Please send
your donation to the Instituto de Botanica, Universidad de Guadalajara,
Account No. 223283-8,
Bancomer,  Sucursal 025, and  Fax or e-mail a copy of the deposit made to
either Laura
Guzman Davalos,  Chairman of the Departmento of Botanica y Zoologia,
lguzman at maiz.cucba.udg.mx  or  J. Antonio Vazquez G. , Director of the
Instituto de Botanica,
jvazquez@ maiz.cucba.udg.mx, Fax (523) 682 0003.
        You can also Fax or e-mail to Dr. Victor Manuel Gonzalez Romero, Rector
General de la
Universidad de Guadalajara, victor at udgserv.cencar.mx, with copy to M.C.
Arturo Curiel
Ballesteros, Rector del Centro Universitario de Ciencias Biol=F3gicas y
acuriel at maiz.cucba.udg.mx, Fax: 011 (523) 682 0120, providing arguments why
they should
furnish adequate facilities to store botanical collections and wages for
collection curators
responsible for such invaluable scientific resources.
        The IBUG Herbarium is the largest in all northern and western Mexico. Its
collections are
from many parts of the world, but especially from South western Mexico and
about one third of
the Mexican flora is well represented in its holdings. The herbarium has
served as a
headquarters to national and international botanists for over 35 years, and
as a basis for many
floristic studies such as the magnificent McVaugh's Flora Novogaliciana and
Flora de Jalisco.  In
short, over centuries herbaria have proved to be very valuable in the
development of our
understanding of our natural world through research and education. At
present they are the
cornerstone for many biological,  evolutionary, ecological, economical, and

You can make a difference now !

Please post this message or pass it over to your colleagues

Dr. Antonio Vazquez-Garcia
Director of Instituto de Botanica

Dr. Servando Carvajal
Head of the Vascular Plants Section

Apartado Postal 139
Zapopan, Jalisco. 45110
Tel. & Fax (3) 682 0003

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