Codonopsis lanceolata: family, common name, uses?

Shunguo Liu liushus at LEROY.CC.UREGINA.CA
Thu Oct 17 15:17:18 CDT 1996

At 04:47 PM 10/17/96 -0400, Ed Bachmann wrote:
>Codonopsis lanceolata:
>This is a plant possibly used in herbal remedies
>and possibly eaten in Korea and China.

No sure about this species, but Codonopsis pilosa Nannf. is well-known
in Chinese Traditional medicine. I guess this one is also used too. Don't
have any ref. book at hands and I don't think the Univ. here has Chinese

>Can anyone tell me what family it's in;
>what its common names are (any language);
>and its predominant use.

It is in Campanulaceae. The Chinese common name for Codonopsis lanceolata
is Yang2 (sheep) Ru3 (milk), while Codonopsis pilosa is Dang3 (party) Shen1
(tonic - the same shen as in Ginseng Panax).

>Ed Bachmann
>Institute for Research in Social Science
>University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Shunguo Liu
Univ. of Regina

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