Book in French

Fri Oct 18 10:19:11 CDT 1996

< Does anybody know any book or handbook concerning karyology or plant
<breeding systems written in French.

For some reason, Pavol Martonfi asked for, in English, a book written
in French language ?  Anyway, here are some suggested titles.  I have been
looking for such books some time ago and I marked off titles in
editor's catalogues.  I did not order any of them yet so I can not
assure you of their value but this will provide you with a starting
list :

Dutrillaux, B. et Couturier, J.  1981.  La pratique de l'analyse
chromosomique.  Collection Techniques de laboratoire no 12, Masson ,
Paris.  ISBN 2-225-74052
(it is not clear if it dealing with animals or plants or both)

Gorenflot, R. et Raicu, P.  1980.  Cytogenetique et evolution.
Collection de biologie Evolutive no 6, Masson, Paris.
ISBN 2-225-64560-4

Jahier, J. (coord.)  1992.  Techniques de cytogenetique vegetale.
INRA Editions, Paris.  ISBN 2-7380-0396-6

Hoping that will be of use for you.  Bye.


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