Where's the money?

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Oct 22 12:54:23 CDT 1996

A couple years ago, on one of the paleo discussion lists, there was
a thread (or several?) regarding the practices of petroleum company
paleontologists (I guess that's what they're called) compared with
the more academically affiliated paleo types. Among the issues
discussed were ones related to how each group saw the role of
systematics and the practices of taxonomists as they actually occured
in industry and academia.

If I recall, it wasn't a pretty picture, and didn't seem to portend
a great future for paleontological (of the petrostrata kind)
systematics. You'd think that with money like was there, the paleo
people would be rolling in fossil dung (Copro Lite?). Maybe the paleo
people on taxacom can shed some light on the promise for systematics
as a whole based on the paleo/petro experience?

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