Vazquez Garcia jvazquez at MAIZ.CUCBA.UDG.MX
Tue Oct 22 15:30:25 CDT 1996

It was called to our attention that in a previous notice we failed to
acknowledge that we have received financial support from both CONABIO and
University of Guadalajara and we apologize for that. For instance, the
University of Guadalajara has supported us with salaries, constructions
and construction maintenance for a long time, and has also partially
funded research, publications and furniture; and CONABIO, as far as I
know has also partially funded research, publications, furniture and
other facility improvements recently. Thus, we are grateful to both of
them for securing funds to maintain acceptable conditions for collections
in our herbaria.

What we really meant in our short message was that at the present we do
not have any clear option that would fund part or most of the
construction, a capital investment.

What we strongly believe, though, is that University of Guadalajara,
CONABIO and other agencies truly concerned with the fate of herbaria in
developing countries have the potential to respond favorably to our
demands, and that botany folks like you can make a difference, as
catalysts of such response. Taxonomists currently working in this
herbarium may or may not afford a time lag in their productivity, but
certainly, botanical specimens can not wait for better funding policies.
Please excuse us and thanks for your attention

Dr. Antonio Vazquez G.
Director del Instituto de Botanica
Departamento de Botanica y Zoologia
Universidad de Guadalajara

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