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Wed Oct 23 15:30:28 CDT 1996

>So, I may be soon offering a "bounty" of US$1k or so per species for
>refereed papers describing a subset of these species - not much but
>enough to motivate many an underfunded taxonomist.

Hmm, let's see now.  Approximately 10 million undescribed species
(maybe more) at $1,000/species.  Ten billion sounds like a lot of money.

I was going to say that it could support us all; but:

1. an alpha taxonomist at $50,000/year plus $20,000 benefits for 40
years is $ 2,800,000

2. That will support  3571 taxonomists for 40 years.  How many
practicing alpha taxonomists are there anyway?

3. That is only 70 new species per taxonomist per year.

4.  Come on guys (a genderless word in this context). We can do it.  C.P.
Alexander averaged one new species (of crane fly) a day for a long
time (so the legend goes).

5.  Is The Nature Conservancy open to a group proposal?

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