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At 14.23 1996-10-24 +0100, Wolfgang Wuster wrote:
>On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, James Matta wrote:
>> 4.  Come on guys (a genderless word in this context). We can do it.  C.P.
>> Alexander averaged one new species (of crane fly) a day for a long
>> time (so the legend goes).
>Errrm... and how many of his species have withstood critical analysis  by


Actually, either Alexander did remarkably well - or the "critical analyses"
are lagging behind.

Of the 1,249 species of North American crane flies described by Alexander,
93% are currently valid (see Thompson,FC 1990 in: Kosztarab & Schaefer,
Systematics of the North American Insects and Arachnids).

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