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Robin Panza panzar at CLPGH.ORG
Thu Oct 24 18:40:48 CDT 1996

>identify feathers from a series of falcon nests).  Again and again, I've
>had representatives of consulting firms or agencies tell me that they would
>have been happy to pay me for my services, but they didn't have anything
>budgeted for "subconsultants."

It's fascinating that lawyers, doctors, and many others get to charge
consulting fees whenever they're asked for an opinion, yet taxonomists (or any
field-oriented biologists) are expected to provide their expertise gratis.
Many's the time a doctor, asked for a "diagnosis" at a social function, has
refused to do so.  Why should not natural history experts be protected by the
same cultural rules?  These environmental firms often get big bucks for their
services and come to us on our company's time (not even at a social gathering)
and expect us to work for them while our institution pays for it, or we do it
on our own time for free.

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