Brummitt Joins Maryland Nomenclature Mini-Symposium

Fri Oct 25 08:34:00 CDT 1996

Dr. Richard K. Brummitt has been added as a fourth speaker to the BEES
Mini-Symposium at the University of Maryland on "Biological Nomenclature in
the 21st Century" to be held on Monday, 4 Nov 1996, in Room 1208 of the
Zoo-Psych Building. The session will start at noon, and persons are
encouraged to bring a brown-bag lunch.

The title of Brummitt's talk is "Quite Happy with the Present Botanical
Code, Thank You." He joins Dr. Dan H. Nicolson who asks "Animal, Vegetable
or Mineral?", Dr. John McNeill who will present "The BioCode: Integrated
Biological Nomenclature for the 21st Century?", and Kevin de Queiroz who will
present "A Phylogenetic Approach to Biological Nomenclature as an
Alternative to the Linnean Systems in Current Use."

For more information, see the WWW page with the following overly long address:

James L. Reveal (MARY)

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