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                Herbarium Information Systems Committee (HISCOM)

     The above committee was formed in 1995 and consists of representatives
     of Australian Herbaria and some observers. HISCOM was formed as a
     working group to the Council of Heads of Australian Herbaria (CHAH).
     The aim of the group is to develop practical solutions to problems
     common to herbaria. Some of the issues being dealt with include:

                * Data interchange for specimen data
                * Developing an interchange standard (HISPID)
                * DELTA developments including a register of Aust. datasets
                * APNI (Australian Plant Name Index)

     HISCOM now has a Web site (URL http://www.rbgsyd.gov.au/HISCOM).
     HISPID can be accessed through the HISCOM page.

     To encourage further discussion of HISPID, we now have a listserver.
     To subscribe to the HISPID listserver please send an email to:

                listserver at rbgsyd.gov.au

     The email should contain a single line in the message with the
                subscribe hispid yourname

     To send a contribution to the HISPID listserver, address an email to:

                hispid at rbgsyd.gov.au

     If you have any further enquiries please email me.

     Alan K. Brooks                            internet: alan at rbgsyd.gov.au
     Development Officer IT            _--_|\     voice:    +61-2-9231 8164
     National Herbarium of NSW        /      \    pager:    +61-2-9962 9580
     Royal Botanic Gardens            \_.--._/      fax:    +61-2-9251 7231
     Sydney, 2000, NSW, AUSTRALIA           v      http://www.rbgsyd.gov.au

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