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Thu Oct 31 10:32:39 CST 1996

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, GB:'X0B$4fAB92GB5 wrote:

> Dear friends
> The  intellectual property rights in Entomology.
> The reason why I bring this matter to listserver because I was told by lawyer
> that The Copyright law became more stricted and I cannot use any description of
> beetles in my Genera Revision without written agreement and paying money to
> different scientist.
> I also was told that I cannot identify beetles which was described last 50
> years, because I am not allowed to use names who someone else published without
> payment of propriety fee.
> Keep care and be of good cheer
> Regards
> Vratislav Richard Eugene Maria John Baptiste
> of Bejsak (Bayshark)-Collorado-Mansfeld
> 84th duke of Siebenlugner
> Coleoptera - Australia, Tenebrionidae of World
> Konevova 1658/110
> 130 00 Prague 3 Zizkov
> CZECH Rep.
> ph.: (42+2) 270849 (home)
> e-mail: 76711.1261 at
Listen, Your Grace, sometimes I dont know just where the hell you get all
the weird ideas you share with us. Is your lawyer seriously advising you to
paye royalties to Linnaeus heirs?

Perhaps you should get another lawyer.

Yours sincerely,
Jorge Soberon

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