Dandy Dime

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Tue Apr 1 09:52:50 CST 1997

I will stand by my med-fly analogy.  It's not the importance of the two
items (one has potentially major economic impact, the other has no such
impact, etc.), it's the *principle* that matters.  The principle is that,
as a community of scientists, we taxonomists need to work together in
ways that insure effective and efficient communications of our ideas.
Tom Lammers in right in pointing out that what has been done serves to
trivialize what we, as taxonomists, are trying to do.  Do I need to
remind people that these kinds of (forgive my words) "petty squabbles" are
just what have, historically, led to many of our scientific colleagues
viewing taxonomy as an archaic and, in some minds, trivial practice!

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