Dandy Dime

Wed Apr 2 07:11:35 CST 1997

After reading this morning's digest, it is not as bad as I feared.
A few comments:

1) I shall concede that the name in the Dandy Dime is not
validly published. Indeed, all I have to do is throw my
copies in the recycling bin, rather than depositing them
at HUMO and K as originally stated, and nobody outside taxacom
will ever know it existed. However, the problem the gag addresses is
real. The ICBN as currently worded leaves nomenclature open
to paid ads in popular magazines (if not newspapers) and
other minor publications being considered published. This
needs to be corrected.

2) I was surprized by Tom Lammers's comment that the whole
thing trivializes and mocks nomenclature. Just the opposite is
true. Only someone who cares about nomenclature and systematics
would take the time to explore the Codes and seek out ways
to improve them. My style may be different from his, but
the gag did indeed fulfill its purpose of attracting attention
to the problem.

3) I have tried submitting to Taxon formal proposals for
changing the ICBN. My attempts have gotten nowhere.

4) The "anonymous author" of the ad alluded to previously
is actually my pet bunny, Velvet. She is responsible for many
hare-brained schemes around here.

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere, Herbario, CEAMISH, Universidad
Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico  -- OR --
c/o Mary Laferriere, 18 Maple Ave #3, Centerdale RI 02911 USA

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